2016.7.10 - Prefusion was invited to present at Chemspec Europe - June 2018

 Dr. Liu gave a speech about REACH SVHC Authorisation and How to Manage Customer Deselection at the Regulatory Services Conference on 21 June.  By the registration deadline of May 31st2018, there are more than 20,000 chemicals registered under EU chemical regulation REACH, of which 181 were identified as Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC).  Our presentation reviewed  authorisation processes of SVHCs under REACH.  It also emphasised that companies need to develop their product strategy, including multi-dimensional advocacy tactics to address customer and value chain concerns, e.g. ingredients disclosure and deselection of raw materials that are identified as SVHCs. 

2018年7月 - 普瑞富生公司应邀在欧洲化学品展览会上演讲


Prefusion Comment on Supply Chain Dialogue, Brand Value and Regulation

Following the CRAC conference in Shanghai (13-14 October 2014), Dr.Liu and Prof. Le Grys gave a panel comment at the Supply Chain Dialogue meeting,emphasising the importance of brand reputation and communication between industry and regulators.   As an example of the chemical industry’s attitude to regulation, they referred to the 4-D model - Defiance, Deny, Debate and Dialogue (Andrew Liveris, CEO of Dow Chemical Company).  Over the years.........

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Video of the webinar held in conjunction with REACHReady on 1 March  2016

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 Dr. Qintao Liu talks about importance of chemical risk management after the Tianjin explosion


At Prefusion, we provide chemical regulation and business strategy consultancy. The founding partners of Prefusion bring some 70 years of extensive experience gleaned from the chemical, life science, energy, environmental and food industries.  We bring a blend of multinational business expertise, deep customer awareness, successful regulatory compliance and process innovation together with an ability as problem solvers and change managers.  The partners are inventors with three patents together with over 100 refereed publications and book chapters.

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