Dr. Liu gave an invited speech by UK Chemical Industry Association (CIA) on Identification and Management of Chemicals of Concern to the REACHReady Regulatory Services Zone.  Chemicals of concern is the core of REACH and becomes more important as the deadline (31 May 2018) is approaching for registration of final phase-in and lower tonnage chemicals in EU.  Dr. Liu explained how Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) are identified based on scientific evidence with some case studies and insights; she also gave practical advice on how industry can manage SVHC issues and influence the identification processes, including supply chain communication and responsibilities of manufacturers/importers, formulators and downstream users. For the abstract of Dr. Liu’s presentation, please click here. If you would like to have a pdf file of the presentation, please contact us on info@prefusion.co.uk 

From Left: Prof. Le Grys, Ms. Ma, Dr. Liu, Mr. Liu and Ms. Chen

PREFUSION invited to present at ChemSpec in Basel, Switzerland

​June 2016

Prefusion becomes a REACHReady approved service supplier
July 2015 

We are very pleased to announce that from 1 July 2015, Prefusion becomes a REACHReady approved service provider.  This will strengthen our commitment to the best REACH service to our clients both in the EU and China.

Chemical Regulation and the impact of Brexit
July 2016

Prefusion was invited by CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry to provide a speech on European Chemical Management and Brexit Impact in Beijing on 21 July.  The topics covered how to overcome regulatory barriers for market entry to UK and EU in the areas of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fertilizers and biocidal products.  The parties also had round table discussions on common issues and solutions as well as possible Brexit impact.



Prefusion signs agreement with Cosanta BV
April 2015

Prefusion has signed an agreement with Cosanta BV to be its exclusive agent to promote and represent software package of Stoffenmanager® Premium in the UK.  It marks a significant commitment for Prefusion to provide training and consultancy on chemical exposure scenarios and risk assessments.  Stoffenmanager® Premium has been developed by TNO  & ArboUnie and is approved by the Dutch Labour Inspectorate as an accepted method to evaluate and report exposure to chemical substances at the workplace. It is also promoted in the EU REACH R.14 Guidance as a tier 1.5 model for exposure assessment.  A presentation will be given by Dr Henri Heussen from Cosanta at the 10th IOHA International Scientific Conference on 28 April 2015 in London  

It is with deep regret we report the death of our advisor, Professor Jane Plant CBE.  Our sympathy goes to her husband, Professor Peter Simpson OBE and her family.  Dr Qintao Liu's personal view of Jane is noted here.

Prefusion at CCPIT (Beijing)

Dr. Qintao Liu presents on EU BPR and PPP regulations to CAC Conference in Shanghai
March 2016

Dr. Qintao Liu was invited to present to the CAC Conference week (8-10 March 2016) organised by CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry on 9th March 2016.  CAC Conference Week took place at the same time with CAC International Exhibition of Agrochemicals, which is one of the biggest agrochemical events in China.  There were 1175 exhibitors and 30000 visitors this year.  Dr. Liu talked about the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) and Plant Protection Products (PPP) in Europe, including data requirements for products safety and market entry strategy.our paragraph here.


CHEMICAL REGULATION & strategy Consulting


Prefusion successfully exhibits at IOHA Exhibition in London
May 2015

Prefusion had an excellent exhibition at IOHA in London.   Stoffenmanager was well known and well respected in the industrial hygiene community and stood out from the recent Eteam project.   The results of Eteam project will be available on-line soon.  Furthermore, there are a lot of interests on how Prefusion could help multinational companies on chemical regulation compliance and supply chain communication in China.  Please click here