* new business model aligned with sustainability strategy

* environmental standards and supply chain strategy for MNCs

* strategic alliances and M&A strategy

* management strategies and culture of innovation for the chemical and life science industries in China

​* public and government affairs strategy for MNCs in China

PRODUCTS regulation consultancy

* EU regulations, such as REACH, WFD, EMEA & LCA for  chemicals, pharmaceuticals and intermediates

* environmental and human riskassessment

* analysis of environmental and energy legislation in EU and China

* feasibility assessment of nutrient recycling from sewage plants 

*product and consumer safety assessment on chemicals, pesticides, (nano)materials, pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics

corporate training and support

* analysis of training needs for multinational companies & SMEs

* delivery of training courses to industry, including:

# senior executive development
​ # business strategy and innovation
​ # public and government affairs
# EU chemical regulation - REACH
# HACCP for the food industry
# sensory analysis

recent and on-going projects

* advice to UK Government and EU Commission on hazardous substances and chemical safety

* strategic business development for green tech industries in China

​* strategic alliance, M&A and outward/ inward investment advice to multinational and Chinese companies ​
* Dec.2013 - Jul. 2014: Completed a new venture business case for a chemical services company, including 5-year growth      strategy, financial budgeting, risk management and raising investment of £1m.


* Training and consultancy on chemical exposure and risk assessments in line with Chemical Agents Directive (CAD) and REACH including the use of Stoffenmanager® and ECETOC TRA,

* Promoting Stoffenmanager® as a tool for chemical risk management and control measures at workplace

* Stoffenmanager® implementation and user training

CHEMICAL REGULATION & strategy Consulting